Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all!  We're working a few hours today as it is still just us here at the park.  Hopefully we can find some help soon.

It has cooled off considerably this week in Branson.  We were up in the 80's and now back down in the 60's.  That's okay, I don't mind not having the air conditioner on one bit!  And I'm sure it will be hot as blazes soon enough...

The view from our campsite our first full day at Branson View Campground -- March 24
Kevin checking the view of Lake Taneycomo.
We're starting to get things cleaned up and got the window boxes planted
Part of the view from the lower sites

There are some nice spots to sit and enjoy the view here.
Our campsite... And look!  We have neighbors!
The view from our campsite now.  This is why we picked a spot at the top of the hill rather than down by the office.

As you can see... we have leaves on the trees now.  Hope you all are enjoying your Easter Sunday!


  1. Happy Easter you two love birds. From the looks of things, You have nested well.
    Our workamping friends Dennis and Mattie have left the llama farm and are headed to Branson for workamping. Not sure when or where.

    From the sound of you blog, your campground needs more helpers. We are committed here until end of September and will be looking for a place to go in October.

  2. You knew you would have a challenge but you are up to it. I, too, like the cooler weather. Heat and humidity knocks me down. So why was I am Austin???

  3. Carol & Kevin, couldn't find an email for you so this was the best way to reach you. Yes, we are interested in hearing about the job possibilities in Branson. My email is ali1257 AT gmail DOT com. Looking forward to hearing from you. Ali