Friday, August 31, 2012

NuWa Tour and Chuy's!

Yesterday (or Tuesday) we got up early and drove to Chenute, KS for the NuWa factory tour.  Orville was our tour guide and there was one other couple on the tour.  They had just picked up their new Hitchhiker Discover America the day before.  NuWa has a campground nearby where they allow folks to set up their trade in RV next to the new one and take as much time as they need getting moved and testing all the systems on their new unit.  It was nice to hear from the other couple on the tour that it is exactly that way.  Some folks take 2 days, other take 2 weeks...

I told Orville I wanted to learn what the difference is between a $50K RV and a $100K one. The tour was very interesting and at the end of the day I think I had a better understanding.  We learned that NuWa builds each of their 5th wheels exactly the same way.  The difference in level comes in the finish out.  They finish about 1 unit each day, so it's not a rush job.  They also sell a number of other brands of 5th wheels.  We also learned that we think the MorRyde suspension and disc brakes will be good things to have on whatever 5th wheel we end up with.  Orville was great and didn't push us about anything.  We left feeling like we could call anytime we had questions.   

The only downside was that they had started moving some of their inventory to Hutchinson, KS for the Kansas State Fair.  On the upside we learned the Kansas State Fair starts September 8th.  We might need to check that out.

On the way to the tour, we also saw a number of custom painted combine/harvesters.  Kevin remembered seeing something about a combine derby on tv a while back that he thought was in Chanute.  When I checked the internet, low and behold, the Combine Derby is being held in Humboldt, Kansas on September 8th.  That's about 40 miles from here, so you know where we'll be next Saturday!  I'll try really hard to get pictures since I've been really bad about that lately.

When we got back to Buckeye we found our new neighbors, Jerry and Kim, had arrived with their beautiful new Landmark 5th wheel.  I think I'll have to work out a trade --  I'll teach Kim how her convection oven works in exchange for use of it to bake since we are currently ovenless!  Seriously, it's nice to meet fellow bloggers/travelers/Amazonians and I think they will be great neighbors.  We had a nice visit with them before heading back to our humble abode to cook dinner.  

This morning (or yesterday now) we got a call from Paul at saying my background check had come through and I was good to start work on Monday.  They are still waiting on Kevin's.  It's really frustrating but nothing we can do.  Hopefully his will come through in just a few more days and we'll both be at work.  No word on shift or job yet.  Won't learn that until Monday.

Later in the afternoon we ran down to Owasso/Tulsa to get my Sprint Hotspot taken care of.  It had quit working earlier this summer and this was the first time we were in range of a Sprint store to get it tested and on the road to replacement.  They've ordered a new one and it should be there tomorrow or Monday.  One more 150 mile round trip to pick it up!  But hopefully will ensure a more consistent internet connection which we are both missing a great deal!

Before heading back to Coffeyville we stopped at Chuy's, an Austin, TX based Tex Mex restaurant.  It was nice to get a fix of one of my favorite Austin institutions.  I left with a 32 oz container of their fresh salsa, which if folks are very nice I might share Friday at happy hour :-)   


  1. We just might have to check out the NuWa factory when we're down there. We love our Jayco, but it never hurts to see what else is out there. Glad you're going to get to work. Hopefully, Kevin won't be far behind. I have a link on my blog to send me an email. Why don't you send me an email and then I'll send you our phone number. Rather do it through email than comments.

  2. We find it very dangerous to go to RV shows, etc. We ALWAYS find a unit to fall in love with. I love hearing your opinions on the ones you've explored. I am thinking we will be keeping what we have anyway - it's paid for and well suited for our needs.

  3. Humble abode? Don't bite the hand that feeds you!!

  4. You are welcome to come over and use our convection oven anytime you want!

  5. Wow! Chuy's in Kansas! So very cool! (We are from Austin too) We toured Jayco when we were in Indiana a few weeks ago. Very interesting! We have a Jayco so it was cool to see where it was made and how it was made!

    LOL on Jerry and Kim's mansion... we met them in Indiana then went back to our humble home too! =)