Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Belated Father's Day

Since we arrived here at Indian Hills Resort we've been busy with work and trying to learn to fish!  lol  It seems I never knew that much and Kevin has forgotten a lot since he was last able to do any fishing.  The other day I almost caught a big walleye but he snapped the line just before I got him on shore.  I think it was the first time I've ever had a big fish on the line so I really had no idea what to do.  That has been the highlight of our fishing adventures so far.  Other than that, we've mostly lost tackle and done battle with the Shakespeare baitcast reel we bought in Branson.  

So yesterday it was time for an amazon order --- one new Zebco reel to replace the annoying Shakespeare and a collapsable fishing net to snag the big one before he gets away next time!

We both worked on Father's Day.  The park was full, but it was strangely quiet.  I cleaned condos and cabins after folks checked out and then worked in the store till close.  Kevin tried to do some mowing but it kept raining on and off and there were too many people around to do much.  Kevin got a nice card from his daughter and missed family time.  We'll need to plan lots of that when we are back in Kansas this fall.  At least we have guests in the park this week from Missouri so he's a little less homesick.

We did manage to get out and visit Fort Stevenson State Park just down the road last week.  It's a nice park with good spots for shore fishing and a very interesting little museum located in the guardhouse.
Fort Stevenson State Park Guardhouse
We also drove out to Garrison Dam on day.  Hopefully we will make it back and take a tour before we leave.

(Imagine picture here... it's taking too long to get from my phone to Picassa... lol)

One of the things I had forgotten about this part of North Dakota is just how far it is to anything!  We are 33 miles from Garrison, which is a small town with 1 grocery store.  It's expanding, but it's still pretty small.  And it's 75 to 80 miles to the closest Walmart and fast food.  So we're learning to plan better and every day off starts with a run to the "city" for a fast food and grocery fix!  I keep telling Kevin that at least it means we are not spending much money -- except on gas of course!

Today I get off work at 4pm and we're expecting company.  Phyllis and Leonard are staying at Lake Sakakawea COE park across the lake from us and they are coming over to say hi.  We met them in Austin while they were there on a project earlier this year and we once again find ourselves in the same neighborhood.  So we might make a run into Garrison for our weekly stop at Ye Olde Malt Shoppe for burgers and ice cream.

We're off Tuesday and Wednesday so hope to see my brothers since they will both be in Velva for a couple of days.


  1. I is good to hear from your guys. On the fishing note - it sounds like you guys are doing a great job fishing and not so good a job catching. Maybe that is why the sport is called fishing.

    We determined it is less expensive to purchase fish already filleted from the super market than spend money on tackle and other stuff. Not nearly as fun but certainly less costly.

    Tell Phyllis and Leonard hello from the Pearson's at Waggintails. Enjoy ND.

  2. Hey - look to spend time with you again yesterday. Will post pictures later today or tomorrow. Off now to meet up with other friends who are in the area. Have a great two days off.