Thursday, June 28, 2012


I was catching up on things at (a forum/site for folks who are or are thinking about full time rving) and saw a post where someone asked it all the stress went away when one finally became a full time RVer.  It got me thinking about how different people deal with life's ups and downs and consequently the amount of stress they feel.

I remember when my mom got really sick over 10 years ago.  It was right before Christmas so everyone headed up to North Dakota to be there.  Looking back I think my coping strategy was to get everything organized and make sure we all had food and the holiday celebration Mom would've expected even though she was in the hospital.  

The other day Kevin said he felt this job was too stressful.  Most days it doesn't seem that way to me.  But this week I see what he means.  Not because I feel like it should be stressful.  Seems some folks deal with stress by looking at everything that could go wrong or building up some upcoming event to a level that makes the anticipation unbearably stressful.  Others, like me, tend to go with the assumption that it will be fun and everything will go fine.  

At least that's how I'm looking at the upcoming July 4th week.  Yes, it will be like having 3 back to back weekends here at the campground.  But everyone will be here to have fun with friends and family.  We're about as ready as we can be and if something goes wrong, we'll take care of it.  So I'll take a deep breath and try not to let other's (and no, I'm not talking about Kevin here) stressed feeling invade my being.  I think writing this has been part of me trying to let it go.  LOL  Besides, we're off the next couple of days!

Welcome to all our new followers, especially Kevin's daughter, Ashley!  We're glad to see you all and ask you to be patient with us as we get into a more regular blogging routine.


  1. Life is stressful no matter if residing in a house or an RV. No matter if working full time, part time or retired. Just remember - what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

    Hang in there!

  2. Great point about STRESS — it seems to hinge on a person's "expectations". Tell Kevin to 'hang in there' as his 'expectations' (hence, stress) lessens as his experience grows. You may be happy (or not) to know that Branson has been baking under 3-digit degree days for the past week. . .& no rain. It seems to be the same all across the country. Gorgeous photo on your heading.

    1. We saw Compton Ridge was looking for more work kampers. Thought about coming back that way, but decided to stay here. Hasn't hit tripple digits -- yet!
      Personally, I think some folks create stress because they don't know how to act otherwise...

  3. I sure miss you in the chatroom. It's been a very long time (or it seems).

    Stress is what you make it to be. Jim is more like you and I'm more like Kevin. I he to worry about something. lol

    We're on the move again in the morning to another new state, Wyoming.
    Have fun!

  4. I miss you and all the chatters as well. Sure will be nice to have better internet connection again. It can be a bit isolating on the road without it!