Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Shoes

After working 10 hours at Amazon on Thursday night I slept in a bit.  When I got up I was talking to Kim next door about my shift and how my toes were hurting.  She said my shoes were probably too small to be doing that much walking in (she used to work for New Balance and is a runner, so she knows a bit about this stuff.)  So it was off to find new shoes before returning to work on Sunday.

We stopped at the local Brown's Shoe, but they didn't have anything that really worked for me.  As we were headed there a big storm blew through.  LOTS of wind and rain in a very short time.  When I checked the weather on phone it said there were 70 mph winds and the storm was moving at 45 mph.  It didn't last long, but it sure took down some limbs and blew things around as it went through.  

Apparently there was a second wave that went through Coffeyville later, but we missed that because we were off to Tulsa on the shoe finding mission.  I did find a pair at Academy Sporting Goods.  I knew about Academy from living in Austin, TX.  They generally have a good selection and their prices are better than a lot of places.  I also picked up a water bottle carrier to use at work.  Since I'm picking this year I needed a way to carry my water bottle along with the other "tools of the trade" like my scanner and box cutter  when moving from location to location.  Our next stop was Target for some new socks for me.  Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

On our way home we saw a sign for Route 66 RV in Claremore, OK.  We decided to make a little detour and see what they had.  Given it was 9 pm they were closed, but it looks like they have a reasonable selection to look at and Claremore is a good size town.  It's also home of the Will Rogers Museum so we're planning a day trip there soon to check things out.  

On our way to Tulsa we had to make a detour north of Nowata because they had Hwy 169 blocked off.  We ended up driving about 30 miles through rural NE Oklahoma to end up back at Nowata on 169.  As we were driving we noticed lots of blown down trees, buildings and power lines.  When we got home we checked the news and learned the reason the road was closed was because the winds had blown a trailer house to bits next to the highway.  4 people were killed including a baby girl.  Very sad.  From what we understand there were no tornados, only very strong straight line winds.

Today is beautiful.  High of about 80, clear and just a bit of a breeze.  What a difference a day makes.  We're planning to go the the Combine Derby in Humboult later today, so I guess I best get busy and head to Walmart for a few things.  


  1. I'm so glad you got some new shoes with plenty of toe room. Can't wait to hear how they feel after you work tonight!

    We had a fun time at the Combine Derby. Thanks for inviting us along!!

  2. Shopping at Academy is right up there with shopping at Walmart. They do have the best selection and price for athletic shoes.
    Sounds like the weather can get really wild up there. No RV damage I hope.
    With all the walking, I bet there is a significant weight loss. I knew my 6 months here on the llama farm has helped with weight loss and lost inches in the waist.
    Tell us about Kevin. Inquiring minds need to know.