Sunday, September 23, 2012

Should We Dump Sprint?

It seems like I'm having a tough time keeping up with our blog this year.  First it was internet access.  Now it's work schedules and internet access.

Kevin started work at one week after I did.  I started on Labor Day.  He started on September 10th.  We're both working nights again, Sunday through Thursday, which means we're up late tonight so that we'll sleep late tomorrow in order to go to work at 5pm.  That and I want to put a chuck roast in the crock pot for dinner before we go to work tomorrow.  

First the Amazon update.  Kevin is working in Crisplant again.  I'm picking.  It seems like I"m walking an awful lot, but I don't have a pedometer, so I have no idea.  The plant has over 1 million square feet and I'm pretty sure I've been in most of it!   Besides walking, there's lots of lifting, bending and twisting as I find products, put them in plastic totes and then put them on the conveyor system.   

Sometime I will pick a bunch of product in one location/area.  Sometime I'll pick one thing in one area upstairs and then it will send me across the warehouse to pick something in a completely different area and then back where I was.  That can be sort of frustrating, but having worked Crisplant last year I think I at least have a better understanding of why it happens that way. When customers request 1 or 2 day delivery, those orders are "premiums."  That means they need to get picked and then and packed and on the truck as soon as possible.  That's why we get sent all over the place sometimes.  So I just remind myself it's for the customer and run -- I mean walk very quickly -- across the warehouse.  

Kevin has been in Crisplant where they pack orders with multiple items.  He's hoping to move over to Single Toys as things get busier.  They told him he will be re-certified on the "walkie."  A "walkie" is a motorized vehicle they use to move pallets of stuff around the facility.  He was certified last year, but they have new equipment this year.  It's sort of surprising how many of the regular Amazon employees have changed places since last year.  Kevin says there are very few of the same people working in that area as last year.  Many are still with Amazon, but in different locations.

We've both noticed a changed in the atmosphere from last year.  There is a new site manager and we think he's making some positive changes.  For instance, last year the area managers rarely spoke to or acknowledged the workampers.  This year they seem to be making a real effort to talk to everyone, workampers included.  They are also making improvements to the restrooms and break areas.  Now if only they would finish the bathroom remodel!  I'm happy to wait on the breakroom, but more bathrooms will definitely be welcome!

So besides work, we've been having issues with our Sprint Hotspot.  We've been having problems getting it to connect and while the park we're at has WiFi, it's not the best either.  Early in September Sprint said the antenna was bad on our spot and gave us a new one.  So far it still won't connect.  Tonight they agreed to send another new Hotspot.  Hopefully this one will work.

If it doesn't we need to decide whether to give up on Sprint and go a different direction.  We're thinking about going with Millenicom instead.  We could get 20 G for what we're currently paying for 12 G with no contract and it would be on the Verizon network.  If it weren't for the $150 early termination I think we would be gone.  Our hotspot hasn't worked well since we left Austin, TX in March.  It's especially frustrating since my Sprint phone has worked fine.  

Off to put the pot roast in the crock pot and go to bed.  Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I had the Sprint Hotpspot that is a small square black box. I finally gave up and returned it to them and cancelled. I use my iPhone as a hotspot - still on Sprint service but much better than the hotspot and a lot cheaper per month. I did a few posts on this. The iPhone still does not work all the time here, but we are very isolated at Mesa Verde and it works better than the free employee internet service they have here.

  2. I hope you get the connection working soon. It's sure good having you in chat when you can.

  3. Sprint will wave the termination fee if you have moved out of their signal area, ask them about it.

  4. We have had very good luck with ATT hotspot on iPhone. Best configuration is fopr phone to be connectged via USB to computer. Seems like the only time I can make iPhone hotspot show up on another PC is when in the ATT store.
    Carol uses our Verizon MiFi. It has been iffy since we took it out of our S/B. It worked well in the house. Verizon has replaced it three times in less than two years. Big problem seems to be that it cuts off at will.
    Millencom has the best deal available. We will be using them in the near future.
    If you have not read Jack Mayer's info on Communication, you real must do so. He explains a lot of options and does it in a very clear way.