Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Strategy

I’m going to try something new and do my initial writing in Word and then paste it to the blog.  Maybe I can get more writing done this way with less frustration!

After reading our last entry I thought I ought to do another update, lest ya’ll think we’re not having any fun here!

We’re very fortunate to be able to connect with old friends from last year here at Amazon.  Dan and Rita Desmond are here at the same park with us and are working the same shift.  They are picking with me.  It’s their 4th year at Amazon so they are the veterans in the group.

There are several other Amazon couples here and we get together for drinks/happy hour/laughs as our various schedules permit.  Admittedly tougher now that we’ve all started working!

Our neighbors, Jerry and Kim, are great fun.  We went to the Combine Derby in Humbolt, KS a couple of weeks ago with them.  Great fun!  Nothing like watching folks smash large pieces of farm equipment into each other!  The people watching was pretty good as well.

Kevin and I played golf as well.  We only played 9 holes.  He actually beat me so I’m looking for an 18 hole rematch!  I thought it was going to happen this week, but I think he was scared… lol  Maybe next weekend.

Last week I decided I needed to get a haircut.  So I took a deep breath and made an appointment with a local lady who was recommended by some other RVers.  Well, she was surprised when I showed up and had long hair (she assumed it would be short since she knew I was traveling full time) and I should’ve left then!  But I went through with it and got my hair cut.  For the first time I cried after a haircut!  I keep telling myself it will grow out, but this is definitely the hardest thing for me about full timing.  I’ve been getting my hair cut by the same person for nearly 20 years.  He knows me and my hair and I never have to tell him what to do.  I guess I’m going to have to learn how to communicate better with the hairdresser.  The good news is that it is starting to grow out and I will probably go back to the same lady here in Coffeyville.  At least I can tell her what I didn’t like and try to tell her what I want.  Maybe I can establish someone who knows my hair here in KS in case we come back again!

We had dinner with Jerry and Kim the other evening.  They had some great cheddar jalapeno brats they grilled and I added the salad.  We spent a nice evening eating and visiting with them and our other new neighbors, Mark and Christina.

Other than that, our free time has been spent doing the day to day tasks of laundry and grocery shopping.  We’ve also been RV shopping.  We’re trying to find the right 5th wheel and truck for us going forward.  That’s time consuming and confusing.   Yesterday we looked at the new Trilogy.  At least we ruled out and expensive one because we didn’t like it!  We also looked at Open Range Residential (maybe), Jayco Eagle Premier and Pinnacle (maybes), Montanas (maybe the 2013 when they come out), and Redwoods (not sure). 

So now let me see if I can upload this without too much delay and then get ready for work this evening.  Till next weekend ;-)


  1. I have always had waist length hair, I have slowly been getting it cut a little shorter each time. In April, I had a good haircut at a place by my daughters house. A few weeks ago I had a cut and did not like the way they layered it, seemed very blunt and not the way they did it in April, frustrating. I have thought about going with short hair, but as long as I am not boondocking, I think I will stick with the longer hair. I am really curious about working at Amazon, and wonder if they pay enough to deal with the harder work.

    1. I actually don't find the work at Amazon that hard. It's definitely work, and 40+ hours a week on your feet can be a shock to the system, but it's doable.

      As far as hair, layers is the problem I'm having. I asked for face framing layers and ended up with 2 inch pieces on the top of my head! Grrrrr....

  2. I wouldn't use word to compose and copy from, you'll be pasting a ton of garbage HTML code in the background. Just use a text editor like notepad and copy/paste from there. It's kind of one of those, might work, might not issues. LOL!

    As to the haircuts, I feel your pain and I have short hair. But I have a lot of cowlicks and it's amazing how bad a haircut can be. I'm about ready to buzz it with the clippers.

    1. Short hair can be as challenging as long with cowlicks! Actually that's the problem I have -- cowlicks. And she managed to cut short layers on top just so they stick straight up! Looks like I have horns.

  3. I have been using word for my blog writing for over five years and would not do it any other way:)

  4. Pictures! Inquiring minds want to know what the new (and improved?) Carol looks like. Let others be the judge.
    Using a word processor or text editor to write the blog works well. I used Live Writer when our blog was on blogger and I had a PC. With my Mac, I write my blogs in Page (Apple word processor) and copy to WordPress, then post photos. IT works for me.
    Sounds like you guys are having a good time at Amazon. That is good. We are headed back to Texas and are sitting in Vicksburg, MS as I write this. We will park in Longview, TX tomorrow. Yee Haw!

    1. We need to be better about taking pictures. Glad you guys are almost back to Texas. Hopefully you will enjoy the winter in the SA area. We're still looking for our January gig. Definitely needs to be south!

  5. Having really short hair, it should be cut more often. Once in a while I chop at it. Wish I knew what I was doing.

    How nice that you have formed a little community there at Amazon.

    Shopping for a new fiver is half the fun. What is NOT fun is paying for it.

    1. We're understanding about paying for the 5er! And the truck! Yikes!

      I cut Kevin's hair yesterday. I wish it was as easy for him to cut mine...

  6. The Amazon experience and Coffeyville would not be as bearable if you guys weren't our neighbors. We are also glad we have the same days off. We look forward to getting together and hanging out.

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  8. I have had to start writing my posts in my word processing program, as well. I do find that I get more done that way! I'll be back.

  9. Nick Russell. . .who writes the Gypsy Journal Blog recommended Windows Live Writer. It's much simpler than trying to write in Blogger. . .I really like it a lot. . .

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